TJ SUPERMARKET - T&J SUPERMARKET told i was crazy would not take back with receipt 2 days old

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

on 1-28th i bought 3pkgs spinach iromaine lettuce and chopped meat all went bad returned to the store 10-30th not only would owners daughter not exchange or refund before she announced in front of other patrons tha t I WAS CRAZY i called apolice man and he told her to exchange goods they were not all exchanged I FEEL Iwas humiliated and embarrassed defimation of my character will seek legal help if possiable HORRIABLE EXPERIENCE HAD ANXIETRY ATTACK sugar hit the roof i am diabetic 0n 10-10th i purchased chicken and was ill for 3 days vomiting etc.spoke to meat mgr and he told me to exchange but this woman would not allow it i have receipt for that also

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You're not crazy, just functionally illiterate.

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